Alghero, north / west Sardinia; a detail of Catalan history of the ancient land of Sardinia, where the blue of the sea, the green of the hills and year-round mild climate offer at any time of year, different styles of holiday in total relaxation. Alghero Resort Country Hotel welcomes you in this beautiful area where tourism is a way of life around the Mediterranean.

The ancient Catalan village.

Alghero is an ancient Genoese foundation became Catalan in the first half of the fourteenth century.

The Catalan history of Alghero, Alguer Vella (as it is still called by its habitants ) began in 1354 when in the waters of the Gulf of Porto Conte  Aragonese fleets tear the city to doriani that despite numerous attempts to resist the Catalans should definitely leave the city to the new lords de l’Alguer (Alghero in Catalan).

The fortress city remains Catalan up to 1700. This long and significant period has now told by the Catalan Gothic-Aragonese architecture, from the cobbled streets of the center and its language, Catalan of Alghero. But above its walls, the ancient walls of the village overlooking the sea evoke the distant spirit of this city; a Catalan spirit of a great fortress on the sea. // Sito Ufficiale di Informazione Turistica della Città di Alghero //  Sito del Consorzio Turistico Riviera del Corallo