Respect for the Environment

These days, it is well known that the health of our planet and its resources (which are limited!) depend greatly on our lifestyle and, above all, on minimising the apparently innocuous wastage generated by our everyday routines.

Minor adjustments to our habits can make a major difference – just a few changes to our day-to-day lifestyle and some intelligent choices can be of great benefit to Mother Earth, enabling us to avoid pointless waste and to live in a way the respects both ourselves and the environment. We’re already sold on this approach.

We use energy-saving light bulbs: they cost a little more than traditional bulbs, but they last longer and consume less energy to produce the same amount of light.
Domotic system: this allows us to avoid wastage in terms of electricity, heat and air conditioning.
Pressure reducers on the taps: rather than the normal aerator to treat the water, we have inserted into our taps a system that makes it possible to divide the water up into miniscule particles and then to mix them with air. In this way, the jet remains substantial but consumption is reduced by half, without compromising on pressure.
We use solar panels.
We carry out waste sorting.
To water our lawns and plants, we use water recycled by the purifier.