Le Spiagge

From Alghero Resort Country Hotel is possible to discover the most famous beaches of northern Sardinia.

Beaches of soft white sand alternate with rocky gorges and cliffs overlooking the sea; embraced by Mediterranean vegetation, pine forests, dunes and creeks.

Beaches for those who love peace and the glamor of the most frequented.

Lido di Alghero

is the most extensive beach of the coast, a long strip of white sand that begins with the beach of Saint John to continue with Lido Novelli and the beach of Maria Pia to the gates of Fertilia. The slow sloping of the sandy bottom, the tranquility of the waters, make this beach ideal for families with children.

Equipped beach for much of its surface offers all types of services.

Composition: Sand

Type of sand: White

Services: beach with facilities and bathing facilities, restaurants and bars, hotels

Getting there: A short walk from the historic center. Follow the signs to Lido and along the Promenade Barcelona has pedestrian area and bike path

Beach Bombarde

Bombarde Beach is located in a cove that is situated between the rocks, in a way that meets the left along the Alghero-Porto Conte. About one kilometer long, it is characterized by a very fine sand, and, although it was the subject of a strong erosive phenomenon in recent years, has not lost the charm that still makes it one of the most popular destinations in North Sardinia. The inclination is sloping to the water that becomes high a few meters from the shore. The water, hardly move, it is always transparent, and the temperature is always rather cold. The seabed is sandy with several rocky outcrops above the two extremes. The sand is very fine and clear.

Composition: sand and rock

Type of sand: White

Services: beach with facilities and bathing facilities, boat hire, diving, sailing lessons, restaurants and bars.

Getting there: From the center follow the signs for Fertilia SS 127a, shortly after the sign of 44 km you will find directions to the beach.

Lazzaretto beach

The beach of Lazzaretto, which takes its name from a shelter of 700 of which you can still admire the ruins, you come to after Fertilia, in the direction of Porto Conte, on the left. The sand is light and fine, the depths of the bay are low and sandy and crystal clear waters. Surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation, among the mastic and the fragrant myrtle, it is served by several bars and beach clubs kiosks where rent chairs, umbrellas, pedal boats and kayaks, but for large tract remains a free beach. Going beyond the beach there are three coves, ideal for those who like to enjoy the sun and relax away from the buzz of the swimmers.

Composition: Sand and rocks

Type of sand rocks:clear

Services: beach equipped with bathing facilities and services, boat rental, diving, bars

How to get there: follow the SS 127 bis 700 meters from the cross roads to The Bombarde is found on the left the road to the Lazzaretto beach. You come to a large dirt parking lot, behind the beach.

Mugoni beach

along the Alghero-Porto Conte road and turn right towards Capo Caccia about 2km and a half on the right you will come across a paved road that leads to Mugoni Beach. The beach, the white sand, is very long, suitable for those who love to walk on the shore, and is protected by dense vegetation of eucalyptus. In the bay, whose coastline stretches for  6 km insists the wide beach Mugoni framed by dense vegetation of pine and eucalyptus.

Composition: Sand

Type of sand: Golden

Services: beach equipped with bathing facilities and services, boat rental, diving, bars

How to get there: Mugoni is located in the resort of Porto Conte. It is reached along the coastal road Alghero-Capo Caccia. About 8 km before Capo Caccia, you see on the left the sign indicating the beach.

Porticciolo beach

Also on Alghero-Porto Conte road, arrived at the fork to Capocaccia, if you turn right and continue for about a kilometer and a half you will meet a small road on the left leading to the Porticciolo beach, within the Natural Park Porto Conte. At the end of the street a rare beauty is presented to the eyes of visitors: a sixteenth-century tower overlooking the promontory that closes the small bay where there is a beach. The bottom becomes almost immediately deep, but the water is crystal clear and often pleasant temperature. All around the area is covered by Mediterranean vegetation. It is the ideal place for nature lovers and for trekking: a beautiful climb up to the tower and then a dip in the esmerald waters.

Composition: sand and pebbles

Type of sand: Golden

How to get there: Along the SS 127a, reached the crossroads for Capo Caccia, turn right and follow the signs.

Porto Ferro beach

is where they gather local surfer and not on days when the sea is rough and the swell that suit their evolutions. For this, and the fact that often the local operators on the beach organize rock concerts and reggae in the evening, you can consider the beach more “alternative” of Alghero’s Riviera, even if we are already in the town of Sassari. To the beach side two ancient watchtowers. The sand is fine and reddish, clear water, a sandy bottom with some rocks here and there on the bottom, and at the edge of the beach there are the rocks. All around the dunes and huge pine trees, with the Mediterranean in the empty spaces left by the trees. Beyond the beach, on both sides, many small coves to be discovered.

Composition: Sand

Type of sand: Golden

Services: bar, restaurant

Getting there: It is about 20 km from Alghero and can be reached from Fertilia continuing towards Santa Maria La Palma along the SS 291, turn left into the SP 55 bis following the signs for Porto Ferro.

Speranza beach

On coast road that leads to Bosa from Alghero, on the border between the territory of the town of Alghero and to Villanova Monteleone is located the beach of Speranza. About one km, it is popular  local swimmers place. The sand is white and often settle on the banks of Posidonia sea algae. To the sides of the rocks of the beach , sea lovers can try their hand at some diving. Lovely during the early hours of the morning or at dusk, when it becomes the place is also ideal for fishing.

Composition: sand, pebbles and low reefs

Type of sand: Golden

Services: beach equipped with bathing facilities and services, bars and restaurants

How to get there: It is reached along the Provincial Bosa – Alghero. At about 8 km from Alghero indicating the beach it is visible just after the sign of Villanova are also tables for those who want to stop over lunch for a snack or a picnic.