Our enchanting location, just a few minutes’ drive from Alghero, along with the fascination of the property’s ancient history, create an unforgettable atmosphere for your wedding banquet.
The hotel offers a range of evocative spaces such as: the whole restaurant, which features a dining room that can seat 80; a patio with a view over the valley, immersed in the greenery, amid the centuries-old palm and olive trees that are such a feature of the countryside around Alghero; and a covered veranda that can accommodate up to 150.
The kitchen offers up refined menus that feature modern-day versions of the best Mediterranean cuisine, with meat- and fish-based fishes, waiting to be savoured with a glass of the great wine produced by our local wineries.
Every detail of the Wedding & Banqueting service is painstakingly designed by our official Wedding Planner, Alessandra, who is sure to fascinate you with tales of this 18th-century residence, which will serve as the most romantic backdrop imaginable for your big day.
The whole resort is marked out by its patently Sardinian style, and succeeds in creating a wonderful, fragrant, colourful atmosphere for the elegant events that are staged in the rooms and grounds of this hillside retreat.

Una dimora storica ,un giardino centenario, immersi in un’atmosfera magica diamo ascolto ai desideri dei nostri sposi, interpretandoli. Il primo step in cui a prendere vita è il sogno di un matrimonio a regola d’arte. Passo dopo passo diamo vita a quel giorno che avete sempre immaginato, rendendolo semplice ed emozionante realtà.
Alghero Resort Country Hotel
Racconti di un matrimonio <3