Il Carrubo Restaurant

We take you on a journey through the island’s little towns and villages, where life goes slowly, where the women still knead the dough and place it inside large terracotta containers before adding spring water and durum wheat to make a plethora of different pasta shapes. On large kitchen work surfaces, they also use sourdough starters to make different types of bread, which are then baked in their capacious ovens.
These are towns and villages where, to this day, cheese is made using time-honoured production techniques, using milk from sheep and cows that are free to graze on the pastures.
They are the places where the dishes are made all the more delicious through the additions of essences of myrtle, helichrysum, rosemary, and St John’s wort, and where the fruit and vegetables come from the back garden.
Here, the people are some of the longest-lived in the world; indeed, time seems to have stopped in this part of the world, and it is not uncommon to celebrate your 100th birthday and still be looking forward to the future.
The Alghero Resort’s “Il Carrubo” restaurant is the eatery of choice for those who are enamoured of the typical flavours of the Mediterranean kitchen. The local dishes of Alghero and Sardinia are intelligently re-cast in a way that respects the traditional flavours and the authenticity of the ingredients. The high quality achieved is the result of the expertise of our chef, the impeccable service of the staff and the faultless presentation, all offered up within stunning architectural surroundings against a natural backdrop that is sure to stir the senses. The dining room and terraces are the perfect places in which to sample the very best locally-made food and wine, as you savour the evocative, romantic atmosphere, caressed by the cool evening breeze. The dining room plays host to pottery made by Sardinian artists, accompanying the history of Sardinian bread displayed on the walls: white breads used at celebrations, breads used as toys, breads decorated for newlyweds and even breads that tell the time.